Geoff Meno

Geoff Meno

I’ve played sports and been active for as long as I can remember. I’m the youngest of four boys and our parents were always quick to boot us out of the house to make sure we didn’t grow up in front of the TV. Growing up, I did most of the traditional sports: swim team, basketball, baseball, soccer, cross country, and then I found wrestling. Wrestling is where I learned how to push myself harder and further than I thought possible. That desire to constantly seek the next challenge led me to the Marine Corps where I served as an infantry officer for six years that included three deployments to Iraq and a tour with the Force Reconnaissance Company, I MEF.

I first discovered CrossFit along the Iraqi/Syrian border where our gym equipment consisted of ammo cans and sand bags. I quickly became addicted to this crazy new sport that could push me so hard, so quickly, in so many ways. Back in America, I got my Level 1 Certification and began CFing on a regular basis.

I left the Marine Corps and returned home to Seattle in 2010. I immediately began looking for a local CF gym. I tried a few gyms but none fit so I began doing WODs at the local Globo Gym – which got me plenty of odd looks. One night I was going for a run and saw CF Interbay. I stopped in, met Val and Ron, and decided to give it a shot. It was love at first WOD…

CFIB is different because it’s more than just a gym. It’s a family in that cheesy-but-genuine kind of way. You won’t find this kind of camaraderie at any other gym, and it’s filled a void created when I left the Marine Corps. We have BBQs, hang out on weekends, compete, and always cheer each other on. CFIB is more than just a spot for a great workout; we’re a huge team and there’s a true sense of community.

As a coach, I have the unique opportunity to share something I love with others. It’s an incredible feeling to teach someone a move using a wooden dowel and then see them throwing up 95 lbs a few weeks later. One of the great aspects of CrossFit is that anyone can do it. My Marine Corps buddies all do it, and so does my 61 year old Dad.

When not hanging out at CFIB, I’m a block away at Fishermen’s Terminal helping folks with their long term goals as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. My wife, Adria, and I are both UW alums and huge Dawg fans so Saturdays in the Fall mean Husky Stadium. In our spare time, we love to travel and get up to the mountains as often as we can.  

Adria & Geoff messing around with the 100 pound Kettlebell at the CrossFit Interbay 1 year anniversary party.

Photo by Richard Moore.