Jake McAllister

Jake McAllister

*CrossFit Level 1 Coach

*CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Certification

*CrossFit Rowing Certification

I started out on the fringes as a quiet CrossFit stalker. I had seen people doing it and was very curious so I naturally began to research the topic online. I had thought of myself as a “fit” person, working out at various globo gyms, but wanted to know what all the fuss was about with CrossFit. Finally I took the plunge and joined Crossfit Interbay in October, 2010. At first, the workouts were extremely difficult, so much so that there were times I wasn’t sure if I would even finish the WOD! Yet I somehow found myself coming back again and again. I kept coming back because I was hooked! The great coaching coupled with the support and encouragement of all of our members made Crossfit Interbay an ideal place for me to discover what true fitness is about, while keeping it fun.

From rowing to Olympic weightlifting, I have grown to love all aspects of working out at CrossFit Interbay. It has opened up a whole new world of techniques to work on and stay excited about. The constant variety of our training allows us to push harder and further developing our skills. Having never been a competitive athlete or in the military, I never had to push myself to that absolute threshold. I began to discover that I liked being in that place, and before long was accomplishing things I never thought I’d be able to do. I have seen it over and over again in both myself and in the many athletes in this gym, the awesome results that CrossFit training produces.

Training in this environment has truly changed my life, and I know it has changed many others as well. The results here are quantifiable and speak for themselves.

The bonds that are formed through shared suffering are powerful, we form a tightly knit community training hard to reach our fitness goals and embark together on this lifelong journey of fitness.

It is inspiring to see so many different people from all walks of life, each one pushing themselves farther than they ever would have thought to on their own. Crossfit is all about embracing the unknown and pushing yourself to new limits, and that is reflected in each and every workout we do. It is truly a blessing to be able to share the benefits of our methodology with others and help people of all fitness levels to achieve their goals of thriving in both fitness and in life.

CrossFit and fitness is a lifelong journey in which the destination is never truly reached.  The journey is one in which you are always striving for more, and here at CrossFit Interbay, we are all taking the journey together, sharing our goals, challenges and successes.