Lance Rummel

· CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
· CrossFit Endurance Trainer
· CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
· CrossFit Mobility Trainer
· CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Like so many of us, I put in my time at the local globo-gym.  I did weight training on those goofy nautilus machines working out my bicep curls, lat pull downs, leg extensions and presses, and of course the butterfly press to get those big pecs. I would round out my routine with some cardio, either running on the treadmill rocking to the 80’s or going to spin classes (there is nothing like sitting on a bike for an hour listening to the same playlist day after day).  After a few years of this, I lost some weight and was feeling good about myself.  I decided to step up my game and after a few drinks on New Year’s Eve 2009, I made a resolution to finish a marathon.  Four months later, I completed the Eugene marathon and got introduced to the ‘runners high’.  Two years and 7 marathons later, I was in great shape; I was running 55+ miles/week and I had incredible endurance, but something was missing. When I did anything aside from running in a straight line I would struggle and be sore for a week, I was confused, marathoners are supposed to be exceptional athletes… This is what it’s like to be a specialist; you’re good at one thing and lousy at just about everything else. 

Running for hours on end got boring, I had gone through my 3000 song music library many times, I was burnt-out.  I spent the next year trying to a new fitness program that would keep me engaged but nothing stuck.  Spin classes were boring, I tried P90X but I lacked the motivation to workout at home. I still ate like I was training for a marathon and gained 30 pounds going from the best shape of my life to the worst. 

I came across a Runner’s World article that praised CrossFit, so I checked out a fundamentals class at a local box.  The first workout absolutely exhausted me, when it was over I almost threw up and passed out… I was immediately hooked!  In just a few months I had dropped 25 pounds, was lifting more weight than ever before and everyday tasks became easier.  Gone were the days of the long distance running specialist, I now craved variety and achieving goals that I once thought were unobtainable.

The biggest thing that surprised me about CrossFit was not the intensity of the workouts but the camaraderie of the CrossFit community.  Everyone pushes each other to work to their limits; you’ll be amazed how you can crank out those last few reps with an entire gym cheering you on.  Wherever you are in your fitness journey, CrossFit will help you reach your goals like no other regimen.  If you’re willing to put forth the effort you will get results!  Don’t believe me?  Come find out for yourself!


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