I grew up playing in many competitive sports and participating in many activities. I played soccer, football, swimming, badminton, tae kwon do, and even marching band. I've always loved busying myself with activities and sports. Especially team sports – both playing and coaching. After high school and college, my priority changed and those things were no longer as important.

I stopped playing competitive sports. I still played rec league soccer about once a week – maybe more if my friends needed subs. I got “busy” and just let life took its course. I allowed my pants size to increase exponentially. By the time I realized, I was a balloon and waddling around the soccer field. Some kind of change was needed! I started playing soccer some more and lifted weights here and there. Improvements were coming at a glacier speed for me.

Then came CrossFit – my brother (Chris/”Hammer”) dragged me to the gym. He was trying to get me to come to Interbay for about half a year. I gave almost every excuse known to CrossFit – “too busy”, “not fit enough”, “afraid of getting hurt”, and the best excuse for me was that “it's too expensive”! Then some other life changing event occurred and my best excuse was no longer valid. My brother made a deal with me that if I didn't like it after a week, then I can go do whatever I want. I agreed. Then, at Interbay I came, I saw, I wodded and I was hooked since day 1!

CrossFit led me gain control of my health and fitness again. It has brought me goals for my fitness, regime to my training, motivation to learn new skills and getting PRs, and most important of all – community and friendship. Not only I was hooked with CrossFit, I was hooked with Interbay!

After a few years with CrossFit, I realized that I really enjoy helping others in the gym. Teaching lifts, movement standards, or just encouraging and motivating others during the workout. It made me very happy to see people surprising themselves with new skills, and setting new PRs! Then Coach John O convinced me to take the L1 with him. I didn't think I was good enough to be a coach then, but he saw that and believed in me. We took the course, we passed the test and here we are. Of course, it took A LOT of trust from Ron as well!

I may not the strongest, fastest, nor even that great with endurance. I will make darn sure that y'all have a great foundation of forms, lift correctly with consistency/intensity, enjoying yourselves and have fun at CFIB. I will always be available for any questions. Anything I can't answer, I'll find out for you. CrossFit and Interbay have redirected my course. I want to make sure I pay it forward to y'all as well.

Favorite movements – burpees, cleans, snatches, anything with kettlebell, all kind of squats, and PLANKS

Least favorite movements – burpees, pistols, and thrusters

Favorite wods – The Chief, Grace, Nancy, and Elizabeth

Least favorite wods – Kalsu, Fran, Murph, and Karen

Real reason for CrossFitting – so I can eat all the ice cream and cakes

What holds me back from being better at CrossFit – I might be eating too much ice cream and cakes

Happiest moment as a coach – seeing someone hitting a PR in the middle of Toys for Tots after I gave her a cue