Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 8/2/12

What's going on this weekend? ComedySportz, that's what! For the next three weeks they've got shows every Friday and Saturday at 8pm & 10:30pm.

Here's some helpful links to Alex's website and facebook fan page.  Have fun and go check them out.



So Ryan and I planned a nice weekend camping trip on the beach. Little did we know, we were planning crossfit workouts from hell.

Two things we learned-
1. Camping in style is not necessary on the beach
2. Because we tried the above mentioned "camping in style", we had to lug hundreds of pounds of camping gear over multiple miles of trail back and forth and up and down-Ryan now feels invincible, like he can take on any WOD in the world.

Also, attached is my obligatory handstand on the beach picture. Not as cool as handstand on a cliff but it was my first handstand ever so I thought it was pretty special.



That is Awesome.  Thanks for sharing Olga and congrats on your first handstand.  Now you can do them EVERYWHERE!

Strength/Skill:  Snatch and Power Snatch


3 Rounds

5 Snatch (power or squat is fine) (weight ?????)

Run 400m

Why is it (????) for weights, that's because for a score you must first complete all 3 rounds in under 14

Minutes and then your score will be how heavy your weight is for the entire WOD.

Example.  You finish in 13:39 doing a weight of 90 pounds.  your score on the board will be 13:39/90.  If you finish in 8:00 doing a weight of 155 pounds.  Your score on the board will be 8:00/155.

Also, Friday will be a "DEATH BY" workout..........

2 world records broken by Lu in the Snatch

Not CrossFit or Olympics related but, OMFG, this has to be the great frisbee movie scene of all time.  I've watched it 5 times so far and yes the guy is wearing a banana hammock