Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 8/27/12

I've put off sending this because I don't really want to do it, even though I know I should.  First, a confession ... I am a huge Coke Zero/Diet Coke addict. I drink several cans a day and love it. I considered completely giving it up for the challenge but I couldn't bring myself to send the email so I've decided to instead limit myself to 2 cans a day. I'm already panicking just thinking about that, but I keep telling myself I need to do it. They are full of chemicals which can't be good for me. I'll be interested to see what withdrawal symptoms I have this week. And, I wonder if Coca-Cola will send out a representative to find out why their product consumption has so sharply declined. ;-)

Take Care,

Healthy is as Healthy Does

Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go! Do you know what is great about the CrossFit Interbay community? We are all part of a team.

Each teammate may have different goals. Such as, get a HSPU, run without walking during a WOD, show up for 3 classes each week, clean 175 lbs, lose 10 lbs ….… Whatever it may be, it still contributes to the overall growth of the “CrossFit Interbay Team”. The more accountable we keep each other and push each other in the classes the harder we will work ourselves.

To start, we need to change our lifestyle mentality. When you say to yourself, “oh I’ve already ruined my good eating for today, I’ll just continue to eat crap” is like saying “oh I dropped my phone on the floor, I’ll just step on it until it breaks!” NO!!!! We have to stop thinking this way. We have our days where donuts are brought into the office or McDs drive thru is the fastest thing before your next item on your long “To Do” list. I get it, but, remember this…….It’s not any better to skip a workout because of a good diet than it is to have a bad diet because you worked out! CHANGE yourself. You will always get the same result if you “continue to step on your phone when you drop it on the ground”.

A good way to gage this is how you feel when you’re naked. Yes I said it … NAKED! People look good in clothes but, HEALTHY, FIT people look and feel better naked! It’s no longer about skinny, it’s all about healthy!! If you are proud of the way you eat, workout, live and play then you will feel and radiate more confidence … Even naked (Hell I’m writing this post naked just to demonstrate how good I feel from working out and eating clean…….I’m getting some odd looks at Starbucks where I happen to be blogging this......and you thought you've seen all my tattoos hahaha).

So my lesson for the day is two-fold … One, we are a team at CrossFit Interbay! Support, push, and challenge each other to grow as athletes, friends and healthy individuals. Two, change the way we look at ourselves; overall health and wellness is our goal. Make yourself and the team proud by training like there’s no finish line!

For today’s workout, focus on your posture and making sure you maintain a flat back.  If you don’t pay attention, your back will hate you …NO UGLY movement today!

Skill Practice:  Snatch


AMRAP 2 minutes:

9 Box Jumps (20 inches)

7 deadlift (225/155)

5 burpees

Rest 2 minute, for a total of 4 cycles…score is total rounds completed.

Start each round where you left off in the previous round.

A few things that cracked me up this weekend.  First if CrossFit ever went to this, I'd quit. WTF! NO BANDANAS?!?!?!



Fridays scores.