Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 8/28/12


Thanks to all of you that stopped in to cheer on the athletes that competed at WODfest in Gas Works Park this past Sunday.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the WODs were challenging and fun.

Congrats to the whole team.

Nicole and Tracey both made it to the finals of the masters division.   It’s amazing how before the competition they were hoping to just go out there and not finish in last place.  Then they both wind up making it to the finals, where Nicole took 2nd place and Tracey took 6th.  Great job ladies!!!!!!

The CrossFit Interbay team performed great, Tim, James, Erin and Valery killed it.  They got better and better as the day went on.  The team wound up taking 10th overall in a very large and competitive division.

David K… don’t know who he is???? Oh sorry, I meant “Donkey Kong”  or DK, he placed the highest he ever has in an individual competition and was 15th overall. 

Bon Joey was our other individual, he did great, solid times, did a 225 pound 1rm Thurster for a PR and represented well.

Great job and thanks again for coming out.  Can’t wait for the next competition.  There is a good chance we’re throwing it :-)

Strength:  Max effort 500m Row

Repeat WOD: 20 Minute Time Cap

"Blackjack 21"


Sit ups

Rep Scheme

20/1, 19/2, 18,3 etc…… to 3/18, 2/19, 1,20 TIME!