Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 8/7/12

One person already stepped forward to post about being held accountable for cutting out unnecessary items in their diet:

Here is my lifestyle change (challenge) that I am committing too. We've had some good times, late nights and early mornings and ohhhh the cold taste of you hitting my lips, and some bad times - the time I accidentally drank three of you in one day. But now its time to say goodbye - SUGAR FREE ROCKSTAR!  -E-

So if you see her drinking one, give her a friendly reminder :-) 

"Team Craziness"

The class will split evenly to form 2 teams.

Team 1 will start by running 200m with each person carrying a 45# plate (men) / 25# plate (women) while Team 2 does AMRAP:

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Sit Ups

When the LAST member of Team 1 finishes the run and enters the asphalt area, Team 2 will then start their 200m weighted run, and Team 1 will start the AMRAP rounds and so forth. EACH TEAM WILL COMPLETE 5 RUNS TOTAL. The team with the highest round total wins. So finish each run ASAP then knock out those rounds.

The WOD is complete when Team 2 completes its 5th run.

Someone got an amazing new haircut.  Who is this person in our gym with this sweet sweet style.

Training for the Olympics takes extreme sacrafices.