Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 10/30/13 "Rons Rest Day"

We will have our regular classes on Halloween (Thursday), get in the spirit and come dressed in costume. 

Have Fun!!!!! 

CrossFit is fun. If you can’t have fun in a CrossFit gym there may be something wrong with you :p  If you're not having fun then seriously think about revising your priorities.  If I wanted to hang out at a boring lifeless place spending countless hours performing menial tasks that infuriate me beyond belief under immense stress, I would just stay at work.

You’ll learn and do things (fun things) in CrossFit that you can’t do in most traditional gyms. CrossFit will teach you Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, running & sprinting, you’ll flip tires, use sledgehammers, climb ropes, drop weights (without everyone wanting to place a scarlet letter on your shirt), you can bathe in chalk if you want (although really not necessary.......ahem DK). Hell, even our language is fun: EMOM, WOD, AMRAP, Thruster, chipper, tabata, sweat angels, pukie, burpees, T2B, C2B, K2E, METCON, and SWOD. Where else can you find guys who readily admit that some “girl” kicked their ass, or tell a female patron she has an amazing snatch and not get slapped in the face? Have you seen the way some CrossFitter’s dress? At normal Globo Gyms clients dress like they are going to a fashion show. At CrossFit we dress like every day is a costume party. Why else would you wear full head to toe compression gear, knee high socks, OLY shoes, headband and then cover it all with tape and chalk simply to perform the daily WOD, which coincidentally was running and sit ups.

The moral of the story is simply to not be so serious in the gym; show up work hard and have fun. It’s not about winning the daily WOD, local competition, or PRing every WOD that comes up. It’s the experience of getting in the gym with like minded people and having a good time improving at life. If you walk in everyday and treat CrossFit with a globo gym mentality, throw your headphones on and go off in the corner then you’re missing out. The CrossFit community and attitude is one of the best parts. Where else are fellow members going to rally around you and cheer you on as you finish that last set of pull-ups? No one at Golds, Merritt, or Planet Fitness is going to cheer you on as you knock out that last ¼ mile on the Stairmaster, but we CrossFitters will be waiting for you at the finish line of that last 400m to celebrate with you in that feeling of accomplishment. It’s just a different fun atmosphere. Enjoy it.

Along with getting involved, remember November 16th is CFIB's 3 year anniversary party.  I hope you plan on going.

saturday group.JPG

Strength:  15 Minutes to establish a 3RM Backsquat

WOD:  "Rons Rest Day"

Mini WOD 1
Wall Balls (20/14)
Lateral Bar Jumps

3 minute rest

Mini WOD 2

3 minute rest

800m Run

Song of the week.  We are going old school punk here.