Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/20/13

Since we are expecting an early Spring(you may not think so with the current rain, but we are :-) – I thought it was time for some Spring Cleaning before our posts are only about the always exciting CROSSFIT OPEN that is going on.

So Everyone Please Read!

Parking –  Our only 100% designated parking is on-street and only on the opposite side of the street from our building.  Please do not park on the street on the same side as our building day or night ever!   

                We do tend to get creative and make parking spots wherever we can.  I think because most of us are only parked for an hour, people do not complain too much.  However, a few things -

                More people are parking directly outside of our door.  First, this is not actually a parking spot and you run the risk of getting a ticket so just know you are parking there at your own risk. 

                Second, we cannot park there so deep that we are trailing into Harris Electric’s property unless it is 100% after their business hours.  To be safe, this is only 6:00 p.m. and later and weekends.  This includes the coaches.  It is really important that we do not do this during the daytime classes - 9:15 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. classes.

                Third, do not park in the “lot” next to the bank’s parking lot across from Harris Electric unless it is after 5 p.m. and on weekends.  If you park there any time in the morning (especially 6 or 7 a.m.’ers) or during the day, you will get blocked in by Harris Electric employees.  That parking is for their route drivers; they park and leave so if you park there, you will get blocked in and likely for the entire day if the driver has left for his route.    

Cleaning up after a WOD – Please clean up after you WOD – gear, chalk, sweat, wipe and put away abmats and bars, put away your weights (WHERE THEY GO), etc.  This is not an uncommon request.  Even a Globo gym requires you to wipe and clean your gear.  Do not wait for the coach to ask you to clean up your sweat.  Just do it!  Really! 

Unregistering for classes – Please unregister for a class if you can’t make it.  If you can’t get online and do yourself, text, call or email so we can do it for you.  This will free up your RESERVED spot for someone else who can make it.  Other members want to workout too, don’t rob them of the opportunity because you didn’t feel like un-clicking your name or sending a text.  This is especially true for the very coveted 6:00 p.m. class time.  We are monitoring this so you know who are and we know who you are :-)

Dropping Bars – We all love doing it.  Some classes are busier than others.  If dropping your bar is important to you, go outside or go to a class time that isn’t as busy.  DO NOT DROP EMPTY BARS . . . PERIOD!

A Final Note:

HAVE FUN!  Introduce yourselves to your fellow crossfitters, encourage them, cheer them on, push them, allow them to push you!  We are all here to get fit together.  We are a team, a community!  Let’s make and keep that our mission!

 Katie and Aziz 13.2

Katie and Aziz 13.2

Strength/Skill:  Kipping Pull-Up Progressions & Ring Dip Practice
Advanced people strict & weighted strict pull-ups 2x2x2x2x2

10 minute ladder
1 rep power clean, 1 rep burpee
Then 2/2, 3/3, 4/4 etc….until the 10 minute cap.
FB–BWT+ for Men and Women

I wanted to make fun of this video but then I realized we have a Beth and a Robert :-)