Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 4/1/13 CrossFit Open WOD 13.5 leaked early CFIB has the exclusive video

That's right!!!! The 5th week of the Open 13.5 was leaked and we have the video. 

Skill/Strength:  Handstand pushups/Handstand Holds/Handstand Walks

8 minute AMRAP:
1 Deadlift
5 burpees
2 Deadlift
5 burpees
3 Deadlift
5 burpees
*continue up the ladder as high as you can go in 8 minutes
*Deadlift will be loaded 65-75% of your 1rm
*Your final score is the weight you used and the final round you completed + Reps you completed in the following round.  (Example:  6 + 4, which means I finished the round of 6 deadlifts and 5 burpees then 4 deadlifts of the round of 7.)

This is the final week of the CrossFit Open, so Friday we will throw a bash like we do every year.  We will run the WOD in heats all night, adult beverages are welcome, and bring whatever snacks you want.  It's been a great 5 weeks, it's sad to end but hopefully we qualify for regionals and can keep the party going :-)

We did not forget about the April coaches challenge.  We had to release the leaked video of 13.5, so the coaches challenge video will be released tomorrow, April 2nd.