Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 6/3/13

This adventure started 4 months ago beginning with the CrossFit Open where our gym got together and knocked out a new WOD each week given to us by CrossFit HQ.  Our tiny gym qualified to compete at the NW CrossFit Regionals out of hundreds and hudnreds of gyms in our region and this was due to the energy, work, support, blood, sweat and cheers from each and every member.  A majority of our gym joined in the open and helped get us get to the next level.  From the Open, we selected a team to represent us at the NW Regionals.  When we competed at Regionals in 2012, we placed 20th.  This year, the competition was stronger and tougher. This weekend wound up being a rollercoaster of emotions and even with the ups and downs, we placed 17th overall in a field of the toughest teams in the Northwest Region.  I couldn't be happier and more proud of not only our team (Joey, Jason, DK, Megan, Christine, Valery as well as our alternates Nicole and Tim) but of all of our members as well.  Thank you for the support in person, on facebook, at the arena, the texts, emails and messenger pigeon notes we've been getting.  The love and support the team has gotten from you shows how strong our gym & community is and that is more important than whether we come in 1st place or never qualify to compete in Regionals again.  The love, friendship and support are the things I appreciate most.  So to everyone in the gym, thank you. 

 This sums up our weekend.  Ron constantly analyzing, Erin screaming her head off and Holly smiling ear to ear.

This sums up our weekend.  Ron constantly analyzing, Erin screaming her head off and Holly smiling ear to ear.

Strength:  Backsquat.  We are starting a new cycle of Wendler.  So we are going to start with week 1 percentages again.  Add 10 pounds to your previous 1RM numbers from the previous month and then do the following rep schemes.  If you don't have a 1RM, the coach will work with you to establish numbers.

2-3 Warm up sets before your 1st work set.

Set 1 5 Reps at 59%
Set 2 5 Reps at 68%
Set 3 5 Reps(or more, max reps) at 77%

As high as possible in the rep scheme in 8 minutes:
1 pull-up, 1 kb swing, 1 burpee
2 pull-up, 2 kb swing, 2 burpee
3 pull-up, 3kb swing, 3 burpee

Team CrossFit Interbay taking a moment to reflect on the weekend and the season.  These aren't experiences you take for granted, whether you're competing at the CrossFit Games, Regionals, the Open within the gym, local competitions or you never compete and you're pushing yourself to be the best you can be each and every day.  Stop for a second to appreciate it, take it all in, be proud of your goals and no matter where you are at physically, there is someone that looks up to you and wishes they could be doing what you are doing.  Be proud and don't overlook it.