Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 7/15/13

I love Summer in Seattle!!!!! A couple of updates. 

1st, Don't forget this Saturday starting at 4pm until ??? is the CrossFit Interbay Summer BBQ at DK, Emily, Ryan and Olga's complex.  They have a huge deck that can support us, so lots of adult beverages and food.  Come have fun and meet your other CFIB'ers you don't always see often outside the gym.  Address is 905 Dexter Ave. North. 

2nd, don't forget to register for the and get word out about this competition.  I know a few people looking for teams, so if you're interested in competing but not sure, text me and I can let you know if rx, fb or which team to refer you to so it's the best experience possible.  Email at or text 206-399-5707, I guess you could call too but who talks on the phone anymore? 

3rd, keep the updates coming of what you're doing this summer.  Below is a group of cfib'ers going white water rafting together.  I wish I went, it sounded like a ton of fun.  Also, if you're interested in organizing a gym outing, let me know, people are always looking for fun and adventure. 

 Group Sho-Bomb

Group Sho-Bomb

Strength:  Push Press 3x3x3x3x3

3 rounds for time:
12 wall ball (20/14)
10 kb swings (55/35)
8 burpees
*rest 90 seconds at the end of all three rounds, then…*
2 rounds for time
*rest 60 seconds at the end of the two rounds, then…*
1 round for time
*Your final time is when you finished all 6 rounds including your rest. 
**Rest is self timed.  When you finish your first 3 rounds, look at the clock and give yourself 90 seconds rest.  Then start yourself after the 90 seconds rest and do two rounds......

Our kickball team is so close to breaking out.  We lost our most recent game on Sunday 8-6 and we were set up to win by dramatic fashion, the following is a true story:  It was the final inning, team CrossFit Interbay has 2 outs and the bases are loaded with three of fastest people on team CFIB on the bases, then the only person on our team with a grand slam is walking to the plate.  Everyone in the dugout is high fiving each other because they know the game is ours.  Seriously, could you ask for a better position to be in? This person strolls to the plate, kicks the dirt off his shoes, calls his shot by pointing to the outfield and the pitcher rolls the ball nice and slow with small baby bounces, the perfect pitch to kick and what happens...................this person strikes out, yes he strikes out in kickball.  This was the only strike out of the entire game.  So team CFIB lost, leaving the bases loaded and our biggest kicker strikes out.  Are you curious who this person is?  Well the only proper way to let you know and embarrass him is by posting a commercial he did as a child, in the 80's.  After seeing the commercial do you know who it is :-)  ENJOY!!!!!!  Sorry about the quality, it's 30 years old copied from a VHS tape