Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 8/9/13

First, if you're looking for something to do this Friday go to "The High Dive" at 9pm.  One of our members, Will, will be playing with his band Mile 9. 

Everyone knows our bellevue interbay throwdown is going on August 18th, so go register for that because proceeds do support the Austin Foundation(  However, another big competition I love supporting is the Gorilla Games, the competition this year will be in Kent, WA at the Showare Center same place Regionals were held.  Izzy is thinking big and going to throw an amazing event like he always does, which is why they have already sold out some divisions and only have a few slots left in others.  The competition is in December but register now because they will be sold out of most events soon.   Go to .  The Open Mens Division is already sold out and they told me this is all that's left:  8 team spots, 10 Mens Firebreather, 12 Mens Masters, 15 Womens Open, 25 Womens FB and 12 Womens Masters.  Don't expect these to last so if you're thinking about registering do it now rather than later.

I'd like to congratulate Team CrossFit Interbay's Kickball team for making it to the playoffs.  Not only did they make the playoffs, they received a bye in the first round, so we can all assume their record must have been amazing.  Great work.  The games will be August 11th if anyone wants to watch and have a good time :-) 

It's that time of year, CrossFit Interbay is putting together a co-ed flag football team, if you're interested in playing, email me at or text me at 206-399-5707.

Congrats to Megan, Andrew, Jake M. and Dan for climbing Mt. Rainier.  That's a rough task.  

 Megan representing CFIB at the top of Mt. Rainier

Megan representing CFIB at the top of Mt. Rainier

 Dan and Megan

Dan and Megan

Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 1

4 Rounds
200m Run
7 Front Squats (165/105)
10 HSPU (if you don't have handstand pushups or the weights, we always scale)

It's Friday, so I was thinking about Bro-logic and Broscience.  In case you don't know, Broscience is the reasoning in the muscle head circles where the super jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.   Who are you supposed to believe more, the scientist that weighs 100 pounds and can't do a push up or the superjacked dude that is taking 20 supplements, protein shakes and knows 30 different exercises to pump their biceps........exactly. 

So here is a little broscience, brologic and brolklore for you:

1. Always carry two gallons of water instead of one because it would make one forearm bigger than the other if you don’t.

2. Chickens evolved from dinosaur, and dinosaurs were friggin huge, so eat lots of chickens.

3. Eat whale, that's the protein superfood because whale has 3 letters in common with swole.

4. Here is the key to achieving true muscle confusion, it involves tricking yourself.  Here is what you do, find a busy gym, one where all of the racks are in use, then ask someone doing squats if you can work in with them. Make sure they're doing squats. Get them to help you drop the weight down to what you need, and spend the whole time thinking about those awesome squats you're going to do. (Just stick with me, it'll make sense bro) Even talk to the guy you’re partnering up with about doing squats. Then, just as you're about to do squats, BAM, bust out those curls in the squat rack.  This way your muscles spend the whole time gearing up for squats. They hear you thinking "squats, squats, squats". Your ears tell them squats are happening. I’m sure your legs can pick up some kind of chi or something off the guy you're working in with, everyone thinks you're doing squats. So then when you bust out some curls, your muscles are all "hey, wtf bro, it's supposed to be squat time!?". Total Muscle Confusion…’s like a full body workout without ever having to do legs.

5. Buddy 1 steps on a scale after working out.  Buddy 2 says “no, no! Weigh yourself before you workout, you just gained weight”.  When you lift weights, you get swole, obviously you put on 10-15 pounds. BAM!!!

6. If you get too big from lifting weights, you will lose all range of motion.

7. Eat beef jerky on chest day, it helps you put up bigger numbers.  (FYI, I eat beef jerky everyday……cable cross overs baby)

8. In order to get maximum strength gains you need to consume enough protein.  In order to determine how much protein you need, you take your 1 rep max bench press and double it, that’s how much protein you should consume.  Example:  I have a 300 pound bench press so I should consume 600 grams of protein a day.  You can’t argue broscience.

9. Bro Fact:  Going to the sauna after a workout helps strip away the top layer of fat.

10.The best exercise for your abs is to flex your abs as long as possible.  For best results do this in a mirror that way you can see if you’re flexing all your abs or just the top two that stand out the most.    Flex and swivel your upper body to fire up your abs.  ABS DAY SON.....ALL DAY!!!!  This is also the best time to take a selfie(see video below)

11.Bro Science Fact:  If you eat Rice and Pasta together, the carbs combine to form protein.  It becomes a carb-neutral meal that can also help cure diabetes.(please don't believe any of these facts, test them out then come to me wondering why they didn't work)

12.Make sure you do warm up sets before lifting too heavy.  If you lift heavy too quickly, you’ll trap fat underneath your muscles because the muscles get swole too fast and trap the fat from breaking down and leaving the body.