Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 9/13/13

If you haven't read the article the Seattle Seahawks wrote on CFIB's very own Holly Diop, go here to check it out. 

 Not only is Holly the Seahawks Superfan she is CFIB's Superfan

Not only is Holly the Seahawks Superfan she is CFIB's Superfan

Quick tip for when you go grocery shopping this weekend.  Put on every piece of CrossFit clothing you have.  From your shorts, cfib shirt, special shoes, yoga pants, headband, wrist band, whatever it is you wear when you go work out.  Throw it all on and then go grocery shopping.  It's amazing how much healthier you shop when you're in workout clothes, you feel super guilty and feel like the entire grocery store is judging you if you grab that ice cream and junk while wearing workout clothes.  Try it out and let me know how it goes :)

Strength/Skill:  Establish 2RM Push or Split Jerk(newer people just do one rep at a time working on skill and speed with moderate weight)

100 Double unders
  75 Sit Ups
50 Pull-Ups
  75 Sit Ups
  100 Double Unders

 * I hope you're still reading because for fun we are going to add a little twist to todays WOD.  We are adding a KIM (Keep In Memory) element.  Before the WOD starts the coach will bring out a box and in it will be 15 items, you have 15 seconds to commit those 15 items to memory.  At the end of the workout, you will yell time and then immediately take your pen and paper then write out the 15 items you were shown before the WOD started.  You will be given a 1 minute penalty for each item you do not remember.  For example if you completed the workout in 8:29 and you did not list 5 items from the KIMs game then your new time is 13:29.  Top male and female athlete will get their picture on the blog and full bragging rights :-)