Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 9/6/13

Talk about a busy Summer, Kastl not only got married, went on his honeymoon, trained at CrossFit Interbay he also played on the US National Team in Australian football and played against team Canada.  Congrats and what a fun summer.

Final Score.jpg

Strength:   Establish a 2RM Push Press

Buy-In 20 HSPU
3 Rounds
40 Weighted Box Step Ups (45/25) (ea leg = 1, be sure to alternate legs)(24/20 inches)
30 Sit Ups
Then Cash out 20 HSPU

Ummmmm everyone can blame Halli for exposing us to this video and now I can't get the chorus out of my head.  I may have to look up Rebecca Black and her Friday video to get me to stop singing this.