Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 9/10/13

 I hope you had a chance to say good bye to George before he left.  He was with us almost 3 years and a great person to have in the gym and friend.  Here are his last words before he moved to Washington D.C.

Ron, Erin, Beth, all the coaches and all members of the gym,

I want to thank the you for helping me find a way to be in great shape while enjoying the process! I love every aspect of CrossFit Interbay and am really going to miss being there on a regular basis. That is all because of the great coaches and the positive, fun, hard working environment you've created! 

I will definitely continue CrossFit in DC, but already know that it'll be hard to find a place half as good as what you've created. Thank you, and don't think this note means you're rid of me. With any luck, I'll be checking in pretty regularly. 

Your friend,


PS If anyone wants to look me up when they come to DC, please feel free to share my contact info.
 George with Coach Beth

George with Coach Beth

  6 Minute EMOM
  3 Clean & Jerks (establish your own weights with the coaches, more   experienced athletes establish a weight you can touch and go all 3 C&J   reps while not losing form)

  100 Wall Balls (20/14)
  Every minute on the minute do 4 burpees

*This wod starts with 4 burpees

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