Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 2/11/14

I was surfing this thing called the “World Wide Web”, I’m not sure if you heard of it but this internet thing is pretty cool. Anyway I’m looking at all these different CrossFit gyms that are opening up and some that have been around awhile and they have 400, 500, 600 and 700+ members…….DAMNNNNNNN!!!! Either these gyms are the size of globo gyms or they are stuffing their classes 30-50+ people. I don't know how you keep track of that many people. Erin and I are proud of the fact we know everyone’s name and something about each of you.......ok, if I forget a name sometimes but I forget my kids names sometimes and it’s only because I’m getting old plus I drink a lot, I’ve been killing off brain cells for many many decades :-)

I like CrossFit Interbay the way it is. I can speak for the Erin and I, we never opened CrossFit Interbay with the intent of getting rich. Erin and I just wanted to have a really good gym to train at close by with a bunch of really cool people. I think we’ve succeeded.

I may not care about getting rich, but I care about each and every one of you. Because of my job, family, and kids, I'm not at the gym as much as I'd like to be (I’d like to be at the gym every day for every class but that’s not realistic), but please know Erin and I are available for you (almost) around the clock. Got questions about a workout? Have questions about scaling, nervous about something, growing hair in places that are new (wait consult a doctor about this one).  Are you worried about how to train around an injury? Notice a typo on the blog that is driving you insane? (Meilina already takes care of this one for the gym but others can join in, in case she misses something)  Are you concerned about something at the gym? Do you have an idea?  Feel free to hit me up via text (206-399-5707), email or Erin at (206-601-0498), email   I'm usually awake until 11-ish every night. So, I'm pretty much available at any time. If I don't answer back right away, I will get to you first chance I get. CrossFit Interbay is your gym just as much as it is Erin and my gym.

WORK OUT HARD AND HAVE FUN!!!! Now go register for the Open at

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Strength:  15-20 Minutes Power Clean

Push Press (135/85)
KB Swings (70/45)
*10 minute time cap