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Wednesday 2/12/14

First:  Today is Andrew's last day before he moves to San Francisco.  He will be at the noon class, stop in to say good bye.  Don't worry, he will remain a strong Seahawks' fan even though he's moving to the Bay area.

2nd:  We will have an Olympic Lifting class this Sunday at 10:30am.  We will not have our regular Open class on Sunday, come in and do the Oly class with Coach Marcos.  We are having an Open class tonight at 8pm.


Normally when you want to talk about shoes, you picture a group of women sitting around and guys look bored :-) But when you say let’s talk about CrossFit Shoes then the men and women listen with excitement.

So let’s discuss CrossFit Shoes…..YAY!!!!

There’s a ton of different options out there for the everyday CrossFitter when it comes to CrossFit Shoes, which I will explain. Remember this doesn’t mean that a particular shoe isn’t good if it’s not discussed on here or good for you, these are just my favorites.


CrossFitters run. They jump. They lift. They climb. They do all sorts of crazy stuff that defy traditional athletic shoe mechanics because traditional athletic shoes are made for one specific activity at a time. Long distance running shoes are different from sprinting shoes, which are different from soccer cleats, which are different from biking shoes… you get the idea.

Most people understand the mechanics of running shoes: Breathable, lightweight material for maximum foot comfort, a flexible sole & pliable heel to absorb the strike of a footfall, arch support for running posture & joint health- all of these things are good & make sense. All of these things are also the anti-weightlifting shoe.

You’ll need a shoe stable enough for weightlifting, but you’ll also need a shoe light and flexible enough for sprints, box jumps, burpees or any other movement. A versatile shoe for CrossFit can be a tricky find and some CrossFitters do prefer to work with a couple of different pairs of shoes on the go for whatever WOD they’re doing that day.

For both men and women’s shoes, there are four essential features to consider when looking for the best shoes for CrossFit:

  1. Weight
  2. Flexibility
  3. Durability
  4. Heel to toe drop.

Shoe Weight

CrossFit involves a lot of quick movement in running and jumping, so the last thing you’ll want for your WOD is a heavy shoe. Can you imagine doing a box jump with a shoe that fits like a lead weight putting you off your game?  The best shoes for your CrossFit workout will be lightweight with maximum breathability to ensure your feet aren’t weighed down and they stay cool.

Shoe Flexibility

CrossFitters also require a great deal of flexibility in their shoes to achieve maximum foot mobility. In the same way that a heavy shoe impedes your movement and reduces your training effectiveness, so too does an inflexible shoe.


While good shoes for CrossFit need to be light and airy with a flexible range of motion, any CrossFit athlete will tell you, you’re also going to need a quality shoe that can take a serious pounding and still go the distance, so durability is also really important. A training shoe that balances durability with a lightweight and flexible construction can be a tricky equation.   

Heel to Toe Drop

Shoes for CrossFit are most effective and most safe with the smallest heel to toe drop, also called the heel to toe offset or differential. This refers to the difference between your heel height and your forefoot height, and for CrossFit, a shoe with a zero or close to zero heel to toe drop – as close as you can get to being in bare feet – is your best choice. If your foot is sitting firmly in your shoe and your heel and the ball of your forefoot are both the same height off the ground, then your shoe has a zero drop. The lower your heel to toe differential, the easier it is to land on your mid-foot which means your step is firm and stable and you’re minimizing your risk of ankle, knee, foot and back injuries.

Let’s start off with all around everyday CrossFit kicks. My absolute favorite shoe so far has to be the Reebok Nano's


You can do pretty much anything you want in these CrossFit Shoes. You can hit a regular CrossFit WOD, do some olympic lifting, squat something heavy, really anything. I used to have a few different pairs of shoes to do things in, now I just rock the Nanos for most things. The only thing that I have heard from people is they don’t like to run in them. I don’t like to run in anything so that comment was a wash for me :-)


$109.99 – Pretty standard for a solid pair of shoes, there are sales from time to time on these


I cruise through CrossFit shoes faster than anyone and these have lasted me forever, I still have and wear my first pair of Nano's to workout, and even though they are beat up, they are still holding up well.

shoe reebok nano.jpg

Innov8 has a ton of different CrossFit Shoes out now, and even an Oly shoe, but I think the classic F-lite 230 is still the standard for CrossFitters.


I used to own a pair of these and absolutely loved them for strictly CrossFit type workouts. Box jumps, running, double unders, etc. But as soon as something heavy came up, these were off, and Olympic lifting is pretty much a no go with these guys. Just not enough ass to them, they feel like you wrapped a paper towel around your foot, which is awesome for some stuff but when we start going overhead or tossing around heavy weight, these are gone......for me.  You will see people wearing these in the gym and love them.


$99.99 ***and you can find these online all over the place for way cheaper***


Super comfy and light like I said before, but they don’t get much mileage. My toes are poking out of these CrossFit shoes in about 3-4 months. And in about 6-8 months, my pinky toes were poking out.  Now this was just my experience with them.  And I also disliked running more than 200 meters in them, but again I hate running :)

shoe 2 inov8.jpg

Shoe Flexibility

CrossFitters also require a great deal of flexibility in their shoes to achieve maximum foot mobility. In the same way that a heavy shoe impedes your movement and reduces your training effectiveness, so too does an inflexible shoe.

The Nike Free 3 is one of the most flexible shoes on the market, good for a range of CrossFit workouts.

shoe nike.jpg

New Balance Minimus Men’s MX20 (here in Kinetic blue) are a good allrounder shoe for CrossFit available in wide sizes.  In both men and women sizes

shoe new balance.jpg

Remember, the right pair of shoes is a very important piece of gear you’ll buy for CrossFit, so don’t let the wrong pair of shoes get in the way of achieving your maximum results and optimum health and fitness. Finding the best shoes for CrossFit might take some experimenting, but once you’ve made the best match for you, the effort will show as your performance soars to unstoppable heights.

If you want more information on shoes ask any of the coaches especially Coach Joey, this guy has more CrossFit Shoes than Erin has boots & heels.....and Erin has a lot A LOT of boots & heels.

Deadlift  20 Minutes establish a 3RM

3 Rounds
10 Front Squats (165/115)
50 Double Unders

Valentines is this Friday.  Make sure to give that person in your life a card that clears up those modern confusing relationships.

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