Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 2/17/14

Seriously, have you registered for the CrossFit Open yet?  The time for it to start is really close, so get to it.  Go to, register and make sure to select team CrossFit Interbay

Here is an interesting link on a recovery club for professional recovery tools for weekend warriors, not local.  A good take away from it regarding recovery between weekend warriors and pro athletes:  

Pro Level training for weekend warriors

“In fact, we think amateur athletes have more to gain here. Pros are already focused on recovery and are looking at single-percent performance gains. But amateurs often don’t have time for recovery workouts; when they work out they go hard every time. So muscles get tight from all that metabolic waste, and it builds up and people never really recover. With amateurs, the room for improvement is so much bigger.”

Not only do you need to warm up and down with the class(cough cough, coaches are the worst at doing this for some reason) but do that extra mobility work before and after classes, get massage, see a professional, use the foam rollers and lacross balls. 


Establish a 1RM Front Squat

WOD:  Time to repeat an old favorite
"Push-UpS, Sit-Ups.....BLACK JACK!!!!"

Push-Up         Sit-Up

20                     1

19                     2

all the way down to

2                       19

1                       20

So first round you do 20 push ups and 1 sit up, then 19 push-ups and 2 sit ups, then 18 push ups and 3 sit ups until you finish off with 1 push-up and 20 sit ups :-)

Yeeee Hawwww.......25 Minute Time Cap

How do we get psyched for such a sweet WOD, with flashback music.  Let's point out something right with this video.  His style! This video is over 20 years old and even when I watch this video today, Candyman is wearing jean overalls with one side undone hanging off the shoulder while wearing a fanny pack.  I think he's still pretty cool :-)