Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 5/14/14

You may have seen the picture below posted on the CrossFit Interbay FaceBook page before(Follow us on Facebook here:  Link).  2014 is going to be the year for the gym to collect awesome move posters for the CFIB signed by people in the movie or about the person in the movie and hung in our entry way.  I need your help for a couple of reasons.  1st to come up with a list of the most awesome movie posters & pictures.  And 2nd help me get them signed by people, made out to CrossFit Interbay.

So far we have Flash Gordon signed by the lead actor Sam Jones.  That's a damn good way to start.

Post your awesome movie suggestions in comments and on Facebook.  FYI if you suggest "Camp Rock" or "Twilight" you risk getting shunned at the gym.

1. Top Gun (duhhh obvious must have)
2. Blood Sport (Rumor has it that Frank Dux lives in Magnolia, if so, this needs to get done.)
3. The Last Dragon
4.  Help me with this list


Strength:  Work Snatch or work up to a 1RM Snatch.  If you did the snatch strength from yesterday OH Squat instead

5 Rounds
20 Thrusters (75/55)
25 Double Unders

I enjoy watching the NFL draft because I love Football and it's exciting to watch so many peoples dreams come true.  You get to watch their emotions pour out after they hear their names called, I think it's very emotional just to see someone experiencing this.   Whether they are the first pick or the last pick in the draft, getting picked is life changing and the goals they worked for their whole lives are starting.  However, there aren't many times in our lives we get to witness something that's a break through and a first.  Normally I don't watch the whole draft, I only watch day one.  But this year I was excited to watch each day of the draft hoping to see Michael Sams get called.  If you didn't watch the video here it is and if you don't know who Michael Sams is, he is the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.  First step is done, next step is making the team.  Here is wishing him good luck.