Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 6/26/14

Summer is here, the weather is nice and there are so many things to do.  This is prime time for losing focus on what you've worked so long to gain. Yes the weather is nice, we want to BBQ, go to Happy Hour and kick our feet up on the deck while having a beer.  You've been working hard at building a strong habit of healthy living, don't break that habit so quick and easy because that can be very challenging to build back.  Make sure you keep coming to the gym on a regular basis, your friends want to see you too :)  Don't deprive yourself of fun this summer but don't over-treat yourself either. Remember it's about balance. 

We will see you in the gym.

Good luck to Lyle this weekend, he will be competing in his first Iron Man.

lyle cfib.jpg

10x200m Run/Row 1:1

Front Squat + Jerk
5 Sets of 3 Reps Front Squat + 1 Jerk(Go as heavy as you can range should be 80-85% your FS 1RM, from the racks do 3 front squats then after your 3rd front squat finish with a jerk then return the bar to the rack)

Deadlift (225/155)

Strength 2:
3 sets of 3 reps Jerk Dips (100-125% your Jerk 1RM)
3 sets of 3 reps Good Mornings (If you've never done these before be conservative)
If you look at the position of the Good Morning, it is nearly identical to the position of the Straight Leg Deadlift. The main difference being that the bar is across the neck or back, while the straight leg deadlift is held in a deadlift position. This difference adds the benefit of keeping the chest up with a heavy weight across the back, mimicking a weak point on the squat.