Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 8/6/14

Injuries can set a person back anywhere from weeks to a year! These kinds of setbacks are extremely difficult on the mindset of any person that's trying to get fit and incorporate fitness as part of their lifestyle.

Over the next few days I'll be posting some tips that may sound like common sense, but in the heat of a WOD you can quickly let your ego or competitive nature get the best of you… Follow these guidelines to avoid injury and keep your results moving forward.  The coaches are always there to watch and assist you but be self aware too.

"Embrace Progressions and Scales"

Those with an improper mindset will do ANYTHING to perform WODS at RX even if it means sacrificing form and technique. The purpose of each WOD is to provide you with a high intensity functional workout. The two key words there are intensity and functional. The high intensity level for someone just starting CrossFit will be achieved via lighter weight and/or reps than someone who has been Crossfitting for many months or years. Likewise your WOD will hardly be considered functional if you get through it by executing bad form or even injuring yourself. A lot of times this will go back to a persons ego and how it can actually impede your progress. The prescribed workout is for those who are in ideal shape, without injury, and who have some experience under their belt (this will differ by individual). Appreciate and embrace the significance of the scale!

Below are some pictures from our co-ed softball team, our next sport will be co-ed flag football.  If you're interested in playing please email  There is a small fee to join the team because this is run through the underdog sports league.


Off topic for CrossFit but I really liked this article.  It's regarding the politiking of parents with youth sports:  The politicking parent: Youth Sports Biggest Problem

Establish a 1RM Shoulder Press

Tabata Row for distance, Push-Ups, Lunges.  Rest 1 minute after each Tabata as you switch to the next exercise. 
*Your score on the White Board will be Grand total distance rowed, Grand total Push-Ups and Grand Total Lunges (each leg = 1)

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