Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 9/11/14 GUESS TODAYS WOD!!!!!!

Reminder!!!!! This Sunday we have our advanced skill class from 9-11am, our regular class at 11:30am and then CrossFit Pictures starting at 1:30pm.  It's a busy day but so many great things lined up.  Again if you're interested in the advanced movement class or the pictures(the pictures are being done for free) email me at

Also, who's already registered for 5kgonebad?  Let's get a group of people together and have fun at this event on Mercer Island.

Jim P., went to a CrossFit gym while in Bangkok, Thailand.  The gym is on the roof and has a pretty interesting set up as you can see in the picture, but who cares Jim is doing CrossFit in Thailand!!!!!

Yes Jim did the WOD in the pouring rain but who cares. He did 50 88kg Hang power cleans in the WOD in the rain and Jim said the was the best part was dropping the bar in between reps, because of the huge splash it made each time.

Jim, did they have chalk for you to use?


Here was yesterdays WOD in case you didn't come in:
3 Rounds
400m Run
25 Burpees
400m Run
25 V-Ups

So, I received feedback that my WODs were almost predictable when I didn't post the workout and we can't have that.  So I'm going to not post today's workout either......instead let's make it a game and see who can guess today's WOD & Strength.

You know what we did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so what do you think Thursday will be?

Whoever guesses closest I will pay for your entry into 5kGoneBad, you will also receive a free CFIB tshirt, a reusable CFIB grocery bag and bragging rights............seriously some major bragging rights :-)

Here are a couple clues.  1) It's an AMRAP and 2) the WOD is a triplet

So I need the strength, the WOD, movements, reps, weights, time domain ect...... oh i guess I should add their are masters weights, rx weights and FB weights.  The reps and weights will only be counted in if there are any tie breakers and more than one person guesses the same WOD.

All submissions must be done in comments on this website, email me at ron@crossfitinterbay or post in comments on FaceBook.  Good luck!!!!!!!

I never ever ever want this to be my theme song.  I CrossFit because I'm a lights on kind of guy.....TMI I know :P  This should never be anyones theme song.