Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 1/12/15

This week we will be talking more about meal preparation so you can hit your fitness and nutrition goals, whether it's to lose weight, tighten up or gain weight.

There are many ways we prepare ourselves to achieve goals. We study for exams, we pack for our trips, we make plans for special events and holidays. We all prove to ourselves on a daily basis that planning in advance decreases our stress,makes us feel prepared, and most importantly allows us more brain space to focus on other things!!

When we don’t plan ahead for that 2 week trip to Europe we forget things. Maybe the pet resort is booked. Perhaps you forgot it’s rainy season and packed the wrong clothing. Either way, your lack of preparation inevitably causes you additional stress as well as costing you time and money. The exact same thing can be said about planning your meals.

Meal prepping is your golden ticket to diet triumph! It’s the one thing you can do to solidify success regardless of your training goals. I’ve been meal prepping for years and let me tell you…it prevents a laundry list of problems that can sabotage your training efforts, stall your progress, and leave you feeling lost and frustrated.

If you are prepared ahead of time you are less likely to go too long between meals. This prevents those dreaded fluctuations in your blood sugar that leave you reaching for that coffee room doughnut….vending machine candy bar….or sprinting to a drive-thru. If bulking is more inline with your goals it keeps your calorie loading heavy and consistent throughout the day. Missing a meal can mean sending your body into a catabolic state AKA eating the muscle you’re working so hard to gain. Why would you let either of these happen!!!

3 Rounds
400m Run
10 Power Snatch (Mx 95/65, Rx 135/95, FB 155/105)
400m Run
20 V-Ups
400m Run
20 KB Swings (55/35)