Why are your prices higher than a regular gym?

Each class at CrossFit Interbay is carefully crafted, and led 100% by your coach. Just show up, and you’ll be guided through a warm-up which is tailored to the day’s exercises, any strength or skill portions, and the workout of the day. No need to try and think of routines to do, we take care of it all for you! Class sizes are small, anywhere from 8-15 people - which means you get individualized attention and coaching each time you attend. Consider the fact that a personal training session could cost anywhere from $75-$150 PER HOUR, and you’ll be getting small group training for a fraction of that cost.

How long are classes, and what will I be doing?

Classes are 1 hour long, and consist of a warm-up, often a strength or skill portion, and a workout. The great thing about CrossFit is that it is constantly varied, which means you never get bored, and never stop learning! We incorporate weighted movements using all kinds of equipment: barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, and more. We also train gymnastics (bodyweight) movements, from the simple (like sit-ups and push-ups) to the advanced (muscle-ups and handstands). Additionally, we use “cardio” type exercises like running, rowing, and jumping rope. The workout times range from a short intense sprint at 3-5 minutes, to a longer sustained effort at up to 45 minutes. With so many movement options and time domains, there are endless possibilities, and we can continue to challenge ourselves even after years of experience!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable exercising in, although excessively baggy or loose clothing is not recommended. Footwear is required, and most people favor a flat, cross-training type of shoe. Running shoes are OK, but try to pick ones without a big heel lift, or a very thick, squishy sole as these can make some of the movements more difficult. Remember to bring layers, as we do train indoor and outdoor!

How many times per week should I attend class?

For new athletes, we recommend a minimum of three times per week. This helps you stay consistent, and continue to build up endurance, strength, and skill. Beyond that, it is up to you! Many people choose to train 5-6 times per week, with 1 or 2 dedicated rest days. The most important thing is that you are consistent, BUT you rest when you need to. That way your body has time to recover and rebuild, so that you continue to see progress and results!

Do I need to “get in shape” before starting CrossFit?

Nope! Our classes are appropriate for the new beginner, and the experienced athlete alike. All you need to get started is a positive attitude, a desire to learn, and the willingness to work hard.

What if I can’t do the movements or weights in the workouts?

Not to worry! Many people are not yet able to complete the workouts as written. We tailor each aspect of the workout to the individual athlete’s ability, and teach you progressions to work toward the prescribed movements. This goes for injuries as well - our coaches are highly experienced at helping athletes modify to suit their individual needs, and train around injuries if necessary.

I’ve heard that CrossFit is dangerous, is it?

Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous. We teach you the proper technique in the Fundamentals classes, and then continue to help you move safely during class with expert coaching. When done correctly, CrossFit is not dangerous. In fact, by gaining strength, flexibility, and body awareness in the gym you may actually AVOID injuries in your day to day life!

I’m already in great shape, can I skip the Fundamentals Program and join group class right away?

No. It is important that all new to CrossFit athletes attend Fundamentals before joining group classes. This way you learn the basics, how to move safely, and understand the class flow. Contact us to set up your first class today!

I’m an experienced CrossFitter visiting Seattle, can I come drop in for a class?

We love visitors! At least three months of experience at a CrossFit affiliate required. Please check out our schedule here, then contact us to let us know what class you’d like to attend. Our drop-in fee is $25, first timers may also purchase a T-shirt instead for the same amount.