Mel Schick

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My personal athletic background as an adult is in rowing. I rowed for the University of Illinois club crew team from 2012-2015. Rowing taught me so much about myself, and it definitely shaped the athlete that I am today. In rowing, you are nothing without your teammates, but those same teammates are also your main competition. You fight every day against your teammates for a seat in the boat, and when you get that seat, you give everything you have for the girls that earned a seat with you. Throughout my short rowing career, I learned to push my body to places that I didn’t think it could go. My motivation was always for my teammates and because of my teammates. We rarely won races, but our work ethic did get us to national races like the Head of the Charles and the San Diego Crew Classic.

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Given that I was on a rowing team in Central Illinois, we spent the entire winter season indoors on ergs. You may have already guessed it, but that is how I got into Crossfit. I needed to stay fit on my own during school breaks and our coaches strongly recommended that we go to a gym with Concept 2 ergs.  I began my search for a Crossfit gym in the southwest suburbs of Chicago during the summer of 2013. I was hooked after my first WOD. I found that Crossfit gave me the same feeling as rowing. My friends at the gym were my new teammates, competition, and motivation to push myself harder. I continued to Crossfit as a supplement to my rowing practices throughout college. After I graduated in May 2015, I started Crossfitting full time. That extra dedication to Crossfit paid off as I started to acquire new skills, which in turn made me crave more. By far my favorite part about Crossfit though is Olympic lifting. There is just something so empowering about cycling heavy clean and jerks, right?!

It took me a few years of Crossfit before I considered becoming a coach. I finally realized that I enjoyed watching the other members of the gym (my teammates) improve just as much as I loved improving my own skills. I earned my Crossfit Level 1 Certification in July 2017, and shortly thereafter, I moved to Seattle. I settled on Crossfit Interbay as my gym of choice pretty easily, and it seemed almost too perfect that there was an opportunity here to build my Crossfit coaching skills. I am so excited to join the coaching staff at Crossfit Interbay and to continue to expand my Crossfit knowledge and certifications!

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