Nicole Stewart

Nicole Coach Pic.jpg

Before I tell you about how I started Crossfit and all that stuff, I have to tell you why I’m here.  This stuff is SO MUCH FUN!  And the people are SO NICE!  Where else can you push your body to do amazing things and be with other interesting, smart and strong people?  Not at a globo gym, I can tell you that.  Crossfit is fun, it’s hard, it’s exciting and different every day.  And the people who love that atmosphere are the people I want to be friends with.

So, the basics about me: I think of myself as a Regular Jane.  I just turned 40, I have an 8 year old son, I coach part-time, volunteer at school and do family chores the rest of the time.  But here’s the cool thing: I am an athlete.  I love using my time in the gym to get strong and fast and healthy and then I use that strength to go do fun stuff like hiking or gardening or trapeze with my family (truth!).  I love building strength with barbell work and then knowing that I can lift pretty much anything you put in front of me in the real world (moving furniture, no problem).  I love training my body and my mind together so I know I’m never going to give up on something just because it’s hard.  All I need to do is break it up into manageable pieces. 

Now, before you ask, I wasn’t this kind of athlete originally.  I was a competitive athlete in my younger days: high school and college rowing, particularly.  But then I lost my drive, had the baby and ended up playing soccer on a co-rec team and not much else.  Kind of soft.  Personal training helped, but who can spend that kind of money all the time?  Then came Crossfit and I never looked back.  Got my cert, started coaching, kept studying (more certs) and now here I am.

I love being with people who are trying new and difficult things and making them happen.  I love watching people make a commitment to their health and fitness.  I love watching someone achieve something they never thought was possible (does everyone remember their first Rx pull-up?).  Most of all, I love watching everyone else in the gym cheer when someone hits that new PR or finishes the toughest workout of their life.  We all have an Achilles heel in our workouts (mine is running, I’ll tell you straight out), but making the effort and supporting your friends as they do the same is what makes Crossfit awesome.  So stand proud, fellow athletes!  You are why this sport is SO MUCH FUN!