Robert Sulzer

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I grew up living in Miami, FL. and Brooklyn, NY. Although there were many differences between the two cities, one constant for me was playing sports. I was able to get into many different sports at a young age and that love for fitness has never faded. After high school, I was not sure about what to do going forward but somehow, I ended up walking into the United States Marine Corps recruiting office and signing my life away. This turned out to be the best and worst decision of my life, but I have no regrets. After I ended my Active Duty status, I vowed to never run a day in my life again, but as we all know, that did not last very long.

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Fast forward a decade or so, and two career changes, this thing called CrossFit entered my life. Now just for a little extra in the know, I was one of those guys that joked about CrossFitters drinking the Kool-Aid and how unsafe it was, and all that jazz. I was a total CrossFit hater. Someone who I’ve known since high school was always posting things about CrossFit and got me to go watch a class one day. Being a big bad Marine, I was like, I can do this with no problem. The next day, I went back, signed up and decided to do a fundamentals course before just jumping in. Fundamentals came and went with ease, this only made my head bigger, and I was in my first “real” CrossFit class. The WOD was Kalsu, 100 Thrusters (135/95) for time, but every minute on the minute beginning at 0:00, 5 Burpees. Now, knowing that I have not been doing much cardio, only weightlifting, I naturally did what every guy does, I GO BIG!! I slapped on 135# looked around and for some reason people were looking and smiling at me. The coach came over and asked me to show him a couple of thrusters, did so with no problem and he went on his way to crank up the music and start the clock. 3, 2, 1, GO …. 5 Burpees done and thrusters underway. Minutes 1, 2 and 3 go well, but minute 4 took a turn for the worse. Let’s just say lunch only tastes good going down. You can only imagine how embarrassed I felt and I then began to realize why the rest of the class was smiling at me when I put on my weight. Needless to say, the big bad Marine humbled down and since then, I have been hooked.

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As time passed, my love for CrossFit just grew. It grew enough that I decided to take the L-1 course to gain more knowledge and be able to help others learn as well. However, CrossFit is not just about the WODs, getting “in shape”, or the fight against Big Sugar, it is also about community. When you find the right fit, you know it, because you can’t wait to get back in the gym and train with those athletes. I have been lucky enough to be embraced by the CFIB community and look forward to the gym each day - whether it is to coach classes or train alongside my fellow athletes. CHEERS!!! To all the pain we will endure together while listening to 90’s Hip Hop!!

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