1.  Arrive on time to class!! Our coaches will always explain the goals of the day and the workout beforehand, be on time so you know what to expect, and any questions can be answered. Also, the warm-up is SO IMPORTANT!! Missing even a little bit means you miss out on skill practice, and necessary preparation for the day’s workout.

2. Check your ego at the door. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing CrossFit for ten years or ten minutes - we should all strive to remain humble, and actively learning!! Respect your peers and listen to your coaches. Our team are all skilled professionals who are TRAINED to help you get better, so let them help!

 3.  If you have an injury or limitation, SPEAK UP! CrossFit is amazing because we can always modify parts of the workout to suit the individual athlete, but we have to know first! Best practice is to arrive a bit early, so you can discuss specifics with the coach beforehand.

 4.  Treat equipment with respect. With the exception of 25 and 45 lb bumper plates, all bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. should be SET on the ground, not dropped. Our equipment is tough, but abuse over time will cause it to break. NEVER DROP EMPTY BARBELLS!

 5. Chalk is awesome, but it makes a mess! Use it as much as you want (hands, chest, face, whatever - we don’t judge!), and then please make sure to clean up after you’re done.

 6. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout, and wipe down anything you touched or sweated on. We work hard, and sweat comes with the territory! However, when you’re done clean it up - nobody wants to share that sweat puddle with you.

7. Work hard! If we want to see improvement, we have to put in the effort! Our goal is for you to walk out of the gym each day feeling like you improved on something, even just a little bit. Remember there are tons of different things we can work on in the gym each day - perhaps you’re trying to run just a little faster, refine technique on a skill, or (maybe most importantly) work on your positive mental attitude! Each of these things takes focused effort, so be ready to pick something and give it your best!

8. Perform workouts with integrity. This means: (1) All skills and movements are done to meet the standards set out by the coach in class (remember, it’s OK to modify this if needed, but do it INTENTIONALLY). (2) DO ALL THE REPS. Nobody wins by cutting reps, or range of motion. These workouts are hard, and they are meant to be! We have to EARN our strength, and cheating doesn’t help anyone. If you’re willing to shave a few reps off, or count a few that are questionable for a faster time or better score - this is not the place for you.

9. Be social! If you see a new face, walk up and introduce yourself! Fitness is way more fun with friends, and what better way to bond than learning and working hard together. High fives and cheering always encouraged!

10. HAVE FUN. Yes, exercise can be fun!! It will be hard, it will be a challenge, but we always find time to celebrate our accomplishments, joke, smile, and play! We put in the work and deserve to enjoy our time here. Be serious when it’s time to be serious, and relax and enjoy the rest. Our goal is that instead of a “chore” to get done, your class with us becomes one of the best hours of your day.