Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 10/12/10

Yay!!!!! The first day of classes went great.  Hint Hint Hint to all you new CrossFitters, you're going to be sore starting tomorrow but you're going to be really sore in 2-3 days so you may as well come back in as soon as possible and get more work done before you're in the worst phase of soreness.


Great job, the intensity and output of everyone was fantastic.  That type of attitude and work will make this gym strong and fun, fast.


Tuesday WOD:

Warm up

Row: 3 x 500 Meters

WOD: 21-15-9

Push Press (95/65)

Ring Dips


Congratulations Ricky for a few Reasons.  1.  Getting the fastest time of the day, he did all 5 rounds prescribed and destroyed the WOD.  2.  He was the first one to collapse after a WOD.  and 3.  He was the first person to go shirtless during a wod(I wanted to be the first going shirtless).  Congrats Ricky, take a bow..........when you can get up :-)

Today's Workout

Tomorrow's Workout