Workout of the Day (WOD)

Saturday 10/16/10

It's the weekend, YAY!!!!! 


Saturday Teams of Two

WOD for time:

2 rounds: One person runs 400 Meters while the other teammate does burpees then switch so each teammate will wind up running two 400 Meter runs and two rounds of burpees.

2 rounds: One person rows 500 Meters while the other teammate does pull-ups then switch so each teammate will wind up rowing two 500 Meters and two rounds of pull-ups.

Subtract 2 seconds for every burpee your team does from your total time

Subtract 1 second for every pull-up your team does from your total time(we have a scaling option for those that don't have pull-ups)

Team with the fastest time wins and gets the first High Five from me :-) Seriously that's a PRIZE!!!!


The weekend is finally here. With your first week of intense training under your belt, it’s probably time to have a few hard-earned beers. Or not. Besides leaving you hungover and in a potentially regrettable sleeping arrangement with a complete stranger, alcohol can severely impact your body’s ability to recover from the beating you have dealt it during the week.

In addition to hindering your ability to make good decisions, alcohol screws up your sleep and protein synthesis (i.e. ability to build muscle) and provides you with garbage carb calories. Penn State’s College of Medicine conducted a study that found acute alcohol intoxication can severely inhibit protein synthesis in both muscle tissue and the liver. Protein synthesis is essential to biological functions and plays a critical role in the growth and repair of your muscles. Compared to a placebo, protein synthesis was decreased by 39% in skeletal muscle and in the liver it was decreased by 21%. They also found that alcohol consumption caused “myocyte degeneration, loss of striations, and myofilament dissolution.” In other words, it means alcohol causes muscles to deteriorate.

You don’t have to become intoxicated in order to achieve such results either. Researchers at Penn State also found that chronic consumption of alcohol can lead to decreased protein synthesis as well as a condition known as Myopathy. Myopathy causes muscle tissue dysfunctions, common symptoms include cramps, stiffness, and weakness, none of which are beneficial to an athletes or someone trying to get fit. If you are serious about your performance, I would not recommend consuming any alcohol. If you really must drink, consume in moderation and try limiting your alcohol consumption after workouts that involve high-volume rep schemes or heavy eccentric loads.

At the end of the day just be smart and make good decisions.  Information and moderation is the key.  I’m one of the first people to eat a greasy burger, have a beer and sit down with a pint of ice cream but I realize that when I do these things what affect they have on me physically, how I’ll perform and how they help or hinder me with the goals I’m trying to reach.  So if I eat and drink like crap then I can’t complain later that I’m not hitting pr’s or I’m not as ripped up as I’d like to be.  So have fun but find that balance between having fun and achieving your goals.

No one else can tell you whether having a few drinks is more important than your fitness goals, that has to be your decision.

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