Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 10/20/10



5 rounds for time

400M Run

20 Double Unders(60 singles)

20 Box Jumps(step ups)

Yes we can scale it for those that can't run or aren't sure about 5 rounds.  How are we going to scale it? Come in and find out :)


We hope everyone has noticed our SWEET CrossFit Interbay logos up on our entry way wall and on the big wall in the gym area.

Beth painted these and they look amazing.  What's really amazing is the first time we gave Beth a can of paint she didn't know which direction to spray the can and wound up doing this.


We decided to give her a second chance with the paint.  Some how she went from above to this..........JUST AMAZING AND THEY LOOK GREAT!!! Thanks Beth, You rock!!


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