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Sunday 10/31/10

Happy Halloween, now take a rest day :-)

We have a couple of things coming up that we'll be announcing in the classes.

1st Dan Cerrillo, Owner of CrossFit Bellevue and the person that helped me open CrossFit Interbay will be at the evening classes to coach, Thursday November 4th.  Please try to make it to meet Dan, say hi and work in his class.  Dan is a good friend of mine, was a U.S. Navy Seal for 14 years then went into private security after that, he is the director of training for, he runs training at, he has a ton of experience, and is a great motivator.  For more on his background go to 

Just do me one favor with Dan, he doesn't like it when you stare at his disformity..........I won't tell you what it is, in case you don't see it but if you do........DON'T STARE!!!


2nd We will be adding two classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, date to be announced soon, but they will be at 9:15am and 430pm.  I would like feedback on these two classes to see if this is something that we need to eventually go to 5 days a week.


****For the 3rd part please read it in a sweet and deep Billy D Williams voice****

3rd.  It's time to introduce everyone to the ladies of CrossFit.  Over the next couple of months we will be introducing CrossFit Interbay to Cindy, Diane, Lynn, Nancy, Elizabeth, Fran, Grace, Hellen, Annie and Nicole.  These women are tough and likely to kick your butt, but you'll appreciate and enjoy every second of it.   These are benchmark workouts that CrossFit gyms around the world are doing so when you're talking to someone outside of the gym that knows CrossFit you will have a common butt kicking to talk about........Ohhhhh Yeahhhh

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