Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 11/15/10



5 rounds for time

5/10/or 15 Dead Lift at (305/185, 225/135, or 50% 1rm)

5/10/or 15 HSPU, Ring Dips or Push Ups

5/10/or 15 Kettle Bell Swings (70/55, 55/35 or 35/25)

*Then when all 5 rounds are completed*

Row 500m or Run 400m

(Athlete chooses the rep, load, and exercise where
options are given)

You can Mix it up too.  Example do the 5 rounds by completing 5 reps of 305 deadlift, 10 ring dips and 15 kettle bell swings at 35 pounds would meet prescribed.  However, once you start the wod in an exercise, you are sticking with it.  You can't change from HSPU to ring dips during the WOD.

Today starts the 9:15 am class.  For the first few weeks this class will have a different WOD as we complete the fundamental training.

915am WOD:

Skills:  Learn CF Basics

2 Rounds for time:

20 Wall Balls

20 Sit Ups

20 Box Jumps

Row 250 Meters or Run 200 Meters

Great Shot.  Reminds me of big smiles, lots of fun and hard work :-)

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