Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/16/10

Tuesday 11/16/10

Strength:  Shoulder Press (Week 2)


Tabata Intervals (20 Seconds of Max Intensity Work followed by 10 Seconds of Rest) of:

  • 8 Rounds of Box Jumps 20 inches for everyone
  • 8 Rounds of Push Press (75/55)
  • 8 Rounds of Sit Ups

Now yesterday was a lot of fun.  I'm jealous I didn't get to workout but I'll just make up the WOD this week so I can get on schedule with the rest of the gym.  Everyone killed it and looked like they had a good time.

So who earned "BMOC" for yesterday?  Give it up to my buddy Jon Lyon from Bellevue who stopped in for a visit.  He completed it prescribed in 5:38.  Also give it up to Melinda for getting the top female prescribed time today of 13:40. 

Again Great job.  I'm seeing strengths shoot up, endurance getting better and your overall work capacity just shooting through the roof.  


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