Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 11/3/10

It's time to introduce CrossFit Interbay to the first female benchmark WOD.




3 Rounds for time

400M Run (again run and not a jog to catch your breath)

21 KB Swings (55/35)

12 Pull Ups

Here is a video of two people doing Helen, notice how relaxed and comfortable they feel after the WOD.  That is how you should feel.  Push yourself where you're feeling uncomfortable then push a little harder.  Don't go out the gate too fast where you gas after the first round and have nothing left but don't jog the run, go too light on the KB or too strong of a band with the pull ups.  You get out what you put into it, so work hard and have fun.


Also I'm going to add a little challenge because 1. it's fun for me :-)  2.  It will likely irritate Erin because I'm running my mouth again....which is again fun for me :-)

We opened CrossFit Interbay because we wanted to build a fun, strong and social CrossFit community in the area.  Now the gym is still very new so most of you are still learning and developing.  You see a few seasoned CrossFitters like Erin, Ricky, Dave S. and myself and we seem far out of reach but the reality is many many of you are going to catch up and leap far ahead of us in some of the WODs, which I embrace and look forward to.  As a coach with martial arts and fitness, I didn't ever train people so I could be stronger, faster or better.  I always want my students and clients to develop leaps and bounds ahead of me...........I'll fight it tooth and nail because I'm stubborn and competitive but at the same time I'll be very excited and proud for you too.


So the challenge is.....The first Male and Female CrossFit Interbay member to beat me in a WOD doing it prescribed will each get a CFIB t-shirt.  Not only will you get a free shirt I'll make it Red  which is different than the run we're making now, so the 1st Guy and 1st Woman to beat me in a prescribed WOD will win a shirt different than everyone else :-) Now this is an ongoing challenge that may take a week, month, year....or YEAAAAAAAAAAARS :-) hehe kidding, but when it happens you get bragging rights, a special red cfib t-shirt, and you will be expected to beat me on a regular basis :-)

3...2...1....oh wait, Ricky is excluded from this challenge because he's already beating me on WOD' Go :-)

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