Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 11/4/10 "Ogre Smash"

Alright Thursday Thursday Thursday.  First a couple of announcements: 

1.  Next week we will be starting the Monday, Wednesday and Friday 430pm class. 

2.  Erin is finishing the automatic bill pay and class scheduling this week so it will be up soon, stay tune.  

3.  Only 1 day after the challenge was put out to have a current client beat me doing a prescribed workout..........did we have a winner??? Noooooo Seth wound up finishing 8 seconds behind me, so definitely worth mentioning.  Great job completing this prescribed and going so fast, strong with good form but maybe next time :-) Seriously though great work.  I do want to add, I was really impressed with how hard everyone pushed it.  The level of intensity for all 3 classes was outstanding.  Stuff like that puts a big smile on my face and I like smiling :-) see :-)  Oh and another addition, Ricky smashed it today and beat me by almost a full minute which is why he was excluded from the CFIB Challenge.

4.  Dan Cerrillo will be coaching the Thurdsay Evening Classes.  If you didn't read some of his background from earlier this week, here you go.  Below are pictures of him so you'll recognize him when he's in the gym.


"Ogre Smash" (I named it after Dan)

20 Minute AMRAP (95/65)


7 Hang Power Clean

5 Thrusters

This is Dan when he doesn't get his beauty sleep and people start slacking during his workouts.

Here is Dan and me on our trip to Montana at the Angels Nest Ranch where a group of grown adults thought it would be fun to wrestle some steer and ride some bulls.  I'm wearing the hat so I'd fit in with all the cowboys.  The story of how we got into this mess will come another time........hint: my mouth tends to get me in trouble sometimes.



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