Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 12/1/10


Strength: Find your 1rm Shoulder Press



Front Squat (95/65)

Ring Dips

Sit Ups

All other Classes:


1.  25 Burpees for time
2.  Max Box Jumps in one minute 20 inches
3.  Max sit ups in one minute
4.  Max Double Unders in one minute
5.  Max pull ups (max you can go before releasing from the bar)
6.  Row 500m
7.  Run 400m
8.  Max Push Press in one minute (95/65)
9.  Max SDHP in one minute (75/45)
10. Max reps HSPU (max reps before coming out of the hspu)
11. Max pushups
12. Max height box jump
13. Max distance standing broad jump
14 .Max Kettlebell Swings in one minute (55/35)
15. L-Sit Max time hanging from pull up bar.
16. 30 jumping air squats for time
17. 40 Wall Balls for time (20/14)

18. 7 Muscle Ups for time
19. Max Rep Ring Dips
20. Max time Plank Hold

OMG that's a lot........wait wait wait you don't have to do all 20 in one hour.  This WOD is your choice, well mostly your choice.  You are to do 10 of the above exercises within the hour.  You get to pick the order you want to do them and you get to pick all........hold on again, you get to pick 6 of them, then the trainer of the class gets to pick two for you and then the last two must be picked by someone else in the class.  Oh one more thing, the person that chooses the two exercises for you, you can't choose the exercises for them.  They must have their exercises picked by someone else.

I think we'll call this WOD "organized chaos" because there is going to be a lot of stuff going on at once but we will get it done, work hard and have fun.  Post your times and scores in the comments section since this is too large to post on the whiteboard.


I know sometimes it's extra challenging to get motivated because it's cold, dark and rainy but at least it's not Alaska Cold.  I'm excited it's December and we can run outside, yee hawwwww!

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