Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 12/16/10

First announcement today: We are doing "Toys for Tot's" with the Salvation Army.  The toy bin was dropped off yesterday and they will be picking it up Monday, so we have a short time to make those donations for the kids.  To help motivate everyone donate, CrossFit Interbay will give each person BURPEES!!!

No you don't have to do any burpees, you will be given two 10 burpee certificates that you can give to anyone at the gym and give it to them anytime they are in the gym.  Example, You can give 10 burpees to two different people or give all 20 to one person.  If you see McWODsley destroying a WOD, that would be the perfect time to give him 10 burpees, he'll have to stop mid wod, with the clock running, and complete those burpees.  Or say you're mid WOD completely exhausted and Erin walks up to you screaming in your face to stop taking rest and pick the bar up, that's a great time to give 10 burpees to your coach Erin.  So many fun ways you can dish out the burpees............just know others will have burpees to give too.

***Note: A person donating toys can only receive 2 ten burpee certificates per person.  Sorry, you can't come in with 100 toys and expect 200 ten burpee certificates :-)


***No burpees can be given out during benchmark WODs, other than that people are free game, in the gym :-)



Strength:  Deadlift



Pull Ups

SDHP (95/65)

Wednesday Top Rx Times:

Men: 1. Ron 5:25, 2. Ron(yes I did it again, what's up!!) 5:54, 3. McWODsley 6:43, 4. Seth 7:08, 5. Tyler 7:45

Women: 1. Erin 9:12, 2. Beth 10:33, 3. Evan 12:34

Two Great Firsts!!!!

Kerri's first pull up


Kerri's first Pull Up from CrossFit Interbay on Vimeo.

Russel's First Muscle Up

Russel's first official muscle up from CrossFit Interbay on Vimeo.


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