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This workout reminds me of the days back in the military and it's named appropriately.

"HURRY UP!!!!!.....and wait"


20 minute AMRAP

Run 400m

Hold plank for 1 minute

Here is a good article with an 8 minute video in the link at the bottom from the CrossFit Journal about 3 people that partnered to open a CrossFit gym together.  What's great is they talk abouty building a CrossFit Community and how it benefits everyone.  Plus two of them are Olympic Caliber athletes and their other partner had suffered and fought health issues his whole life where he was told he was only going to be able to do yoga, pilates and low intensity style working out.  He worked out on his own and is now a beast of a CrossFit Athlete.

Creating a Community at CrossFit Threshold

By Antony Graf, Elisha Voren and Chris Holt

CrossFit is more than just a workout program; it’s a community, a family. At CrossFit Threshold in Miami, Fla., they’ve developed their own community and family.

In this video, co-owners Antony Graf, Elisha Voren and Chris Holt tell their story of how they came together to start their CrossFit program. Graf and Voren are both Olympic-caliber athletes who met at the Olympic Training Center. Holt is a friend and architect who had battled health issues throughout his early life.

According to Holt, “All my doctors said the same thing: no weight training, no intensity. You’re going to be bound to yoga and Pilates for the rest of your life.”

Then Holt found CrossFit and started training on his own.

“Physically, I’m doing everything the doctors told me I wasn’t going to be able to do. And just seeing the benefits of my overall quality of life, it’s just infectious, and I want to spread this to everyone,” Holt says.

Voren also started on her own, then joined Holt in his CrossFit workouts. Both were hooked. They joined forces with Graf and started the road to opening their own CrossFit gym. Luckily, they had a martial-arts training program and a sports-performance program already in place to help fund their CrossFit program and draw clients.

“Now CrossFit is our baby. It’s our biggest program,” Voren says. “The thing I love about here is that I’m training the general population how I would train athletes, and I love that.”

“We create a community where everyone knows everyone by their first and last name. You know what they do. You know their hopes and their dreams and everything about them, and it really makes for a much more supportive atmosphere,” Holt says.

8min 2sec

-Article Courtesy of the CrossFit Journal


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