Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 12/22/10

All classes do the same WOD.  9:15am class will do shoulder strength and deadlift on Friday.

The WOD is done for time and the sequence is done the same way as The 12 Days of Christmas is sung. Athletes are encouraged to wear “Christmas style” clothing, such as a santa or elf hat or jingle bells during the WOD to show their holiday spirit.  Plus those that do will receive a 10 burpee gift certificate they can gift to anyone in the gym :-)  Just not today, this workout will be plenty.

 "12 Days of Christmas"

1 50m run


3 burpees

4 air squats

5 kb swing (55/35)

6 Push Ups

7 back squats(95/65)

8 push press(95/65)

9 hang cleans(95/65)

10 deadlifts(95/65)

11 box jumps 28/24

12 50meter rows (yes, you're doing a 600m row but I had to say 12 because it's part of the song)

Example: The 6th day of Christmas is: 6 x push ups, 5 x KB swings, 4 x Air Squats, 3 x burpees, 2 x HSPU, and a partridge in a…oops, I mean, 1 x 50m meter sprint.

The loads (weights) are Rx’d, so scale appropriately.


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