Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 12/30/10

Fun times fun times, a few announcements.

1.  Are you not sure what to do with your Burpee Gift Certificates or who to give them to?  Well Tyler, who won the "get to know your gym" quiz has come up with a WOD.  The gym will do Tylers WOD on Monday, January 3, 2011...............It's going to be a DOOZY.  I'm not saying giving tyler some of your burpee gift certificates is a way to get him back but I'm just letting you know his WOD is coming up Monday as the first weekday WOD of 2011 :-)

2.  We've discussed this in the gym and McWODsley drew a very nice picture on the white board to promote the gym doing the Warrior Dash. I think we have 7-9 people from the gym signed up already.  We are signed up for the noon wave, so let's get more people into it. Give yourself something else to train for over the upcoming months. This is a lot of fun so sign up soon because the times fill up fast.

Here is the link to the NW Warrior Dash:

Again, we signed up for the noon wave. Ricky did that last year and said it was best for warmth when you are soaking wet. Plus, then you have more time to party and drink beer(or Kool aid).

It is only $40 if you sign up before the December 31st.

3.  Beth & Melinda, the self appointed members of the "CFIB Party Planning Committee" (who are always looking for more people to be on their committee), have decided it's time for another Boxcar get together.  So Thursday(tonight) some members will be at the Boxcar starting 830-9pm.  See you there.

4.  Congrats to Beth, she completed her first prescribed(Rx) WOD that had a strength element to it.  She was very excited, Beth even did a victory dance after completing her last push press before she moved on to the next exercise.  I was excited with all the women yesterday and need to also point out Evan, Jenifer and Kendal, they did Prescribed on the Push Press.  I'm very excited by the strength improvements in everyone, keep up the good work.

Strength: Deadlift



20 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Here was a special burpee gift that Erin gave to Seth mid WOD.  Actually, it wasn't mid WOD, she had it waiting for him on the kettlebell during the last round.  What a rough spot to knock out 10 burpees :-)

YAY Burpees, A win is a win :-)


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