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CrossFit Interbay "Get to Know Your Gym Game"


Let’s get to know each other.  With the different classes, you don’t get to know everyone at the gym.  So how well do you know that person grunting, lifting, sweating, screaming, passing out and sometimes puking next to you :-)    What do you not know about them?

I’m going to compile a list of fun facts about some of our members, then make a matching game where you will have to put the name to the fun fact.  Then at the end of the month we’ll announce which facts went to which gym member and also which gym member got most of them correct.  The person that gets the most correct will win the respect and admiration of all the other gym members, can help program a WOD and win a CrossFit Interbay t-shirt.

So please email something about yourself or a fun fact so I can add it to our list.  If you do not send me anything you can still participate in the matching portion of the game but the more participation we get, the more fun and challenging it will be for everyone else.

If you’re not sure of what to send, send me a few and I can pick one to use in the game.

It can be from what you do for a living, a sport you played, a hobby of yours, a talent you have, something that happened to you, a trip you went on…..anything you want.

I’ll be compiling the list this week so please email it to me no later then Friday December 10th so I can start the game Monday, December 13th.

Please pass this along to your friends in class just in case I don’t have their email but don’t tell them what you’re going to put down, keep it fair keep it fair :-)

Have fun,


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