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CrossFit Interbay- What is CrossFit? Promo Video

We are getting closer to classes starting.

If you've done CrossFit before you understand the passion and excitement with CrossFit, embracing the intensity, enjoying the hard work and being excited when you accomplish goals and hit PR's you never thought possible. 

If you're new to CrossFit, you can read online all the CrossFitters that are very passionate about the lifestyle of CrossFit and how it improves all aspects of their health and lives.

We are excited to start our own CrossFit Community in the Interbay area.  Whether you want to increase the speed, agility, power, strength and intensity so you can be better at sports or improve your health so you can kick A$$ at life. 

Get inspired.  CrossFit Interbay is here to help you find the your passion with fitness, embrace the intensity, hit your goals and find new ones.  We are here to help you get in the best shape of your life.  We will keep the workouts challenging, fun and make fitness a sport.  This way you aren't just doing a pushup, shoulder press or any other exercise but we set things up as a timed/scored workout that you can compete against yourselves and others. 

 We aren't just working out, we're making fitness a game.

 Work Hard and Have Fun!!!





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