Workout of the Day (WOD)

Saturday 1/22/11

9am & 10am class WODs to be announced in class.

Good work with the three strengths yesterday.  The Tiger came out and helped knock a little more awesome into your lifts.  YEAH BUDDY!!!! LIGHT WEIGHT LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!!

It's almost cheating when Tyler pulls out the Bret Michaels bandana and has tiger power too.

Well if Tyler is going to cheat by doubling up awesome then I am too.  Sleeveless 3 wolves howling combined with a Sweet Tiger poster = extra strong lifts.

Get Some Seth!

Erin getting some Tiger inspiration

Erin feeling the Tiger Power

Bring it David, feel the Tiger

Bring it Shane....the Tiger has your back

Not going to lie.  I felt the Tigers Power too........LIGHT WEIGHT LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!

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