Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 1/25/11

I'm excited from the Pr's hit yesterday.  People jumped up huge with weight and rounds completed.

Here are a few notables.  Chase went up at least 20 pounds (he didn't write down all his numbers from the first time doing this)

Oscar went up 30 pounds and did 3 more rounds

Beth did 20 more pounds and 1 more round

Melinda doubled her weight last time, she went from 35 pounds to 70 pounds and did 2 more rounds

Evan went up 35 pounds and did 5 more rounds

I went from 16 rx rounds to 19 1/3 rx rounds

Thomas went up 30 pounds and did 4 more rounds

Jake went up 40 pounds and did the same number of rounds

David S. went up 20 pounds

Tyler has an injured shoulder so went light....his light weight was the same weight he did last time and still did 5 more rounds

Aaron went up 30 pounds and did 4 1/3 more rounds

Erin did this rx at 95 pounds up 30 pounds and did the same amount of rounds

George did 2 more rounds and we're sure went up in weight, he didn't write it down last time he did it.

Great Job!!! If I missed anyone please post your numbers.

Strength:  Shoulder Press

Tuesday WOD: This was done on 10/29/10


Overhead Squat (95/65)

Ring Dips

Kerri on the Box Jumps



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