Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 1/27/11

Strength: Back Squat

WOD: Repeated from 10/14/10

Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
SDHP (55/35)
Knees to Elbow
The first video is Paul.  This is how our conversation went before the WOD started:  Paul: "I don't have double unders so I'll do singles."  Me: "Let me see."  Paul: "I've never done one EVER."  Me: "Can I see."  Paul: "Fine."  Paul busts one very smooth double under.  So one WOD and 100 Double Unders later, here are some of his Jumps.  I think he linked as many as 6 in a row.  Great Job -  this means you have to do double unders all the time now :-)

Untitled from CrossFit Interbay on Vimeo.

Just a couple of weeks ago Ron said he's been trying to do double unders for the past 3 years but just couldn't get them.  Here's Ron is making it look easy.  On the 5th round of yesterdays WOD I saw him link 16 in a row.

Untitled from CrossFit Interbay on Vimeo.

Huge Pr's again yesterday.  A lot of people went from single jumps to double unders and from lower box jumps to the full prescribed, plus others were shaving time off too while going prescribed.  Excellent work. 

Top men:  1. Tyler 14:23  2. Seth 15:32  3. Nate 15:51

Top Women:  1. Valery 19:26  2. Evan 19:58  Tied with Erin who also got 19:58

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