Workout of the Day (WOD)

Saturday 1/29/11

amazing the amount of huge pr's yesterday.  People weren't taking seconds off their time but minutes, RIDICULOUS.  Please post your old times and new times in the comments so people know. 

Saturday 9am wod to be announced in class.

10am will start with Levi, friend and crossfit coach, will be teaching different rope climbing techniques.  Then we will do an all weight lifting team wod that Levi came up with and I'm excited to do tomorrow.  Then after the WOD Levi will be around to coach people that want to continue working on the rope.

Here is Levi showing off his strength overhead pressing Beth.

Yesterdays 2k row and mile times

Top Men 2k Row:  1.  Tyler 7:21  2.  Seth 7:22  3. Ryan 7:27  4.  Aaron 7:32

Top Women 2k Row:  1.  Emily 7:52  2.  Jess 8:07  3.  Kerri 8:23  4.  Beth 9:12

Top men 1 Mile Run:  1.  Seth  5:32  2.  Tyler 5:58  3.  Ron 6:13  4.  Ryan 6:18

Top Women 1 Mile Run: 1. Beth 6:42  2.  Valery 6:53  2.(Tied) Jess 6:53  4. Melinda 7:40


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