Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 1/5/11

Top men Rx times yesterday:  1. McWODsley 19:21, 2. Dan 22:05, 3. David S. 22:36  No Rx women but lots of fast times and strong efforts.  Kendal did her 1 rep max for deadlift, for the first time ever, and after only training a couple of  months she lifted 230.  That lift has some Stank on it!!!! Awesome Awesome job.


Wod to be announced but be prepared for the elements :-)

all other classes:

Skill: Work on Olympic Lifts


"Sweet Misery"

4 Individually timed rounds

250m row

10 Thrusters (95/65)

Alright, I am stepping in and doing the CFIB Party Planning Committee's job :-) At the Key Arena 430pm Saturday January 15th is opening season for the Rat City Roller Girls.  Our very own Emily, AKA "Loco Chanel" plays for team "Grave Danger".  Emily played on a couple of roller derby teams before but recently moved from Chicago to Seattle where Grave Danger was smart enough to pick her up.  Let's go watch her kick some butt :-)

Bouts are "family friendly", as long as folks would feel comfortable bringing kids to a big sporting event (e.g. athletes might get hurt, there might be drunk adults in the crowd, etc..) so anyone who'd be interested in bring kids can use that as a rule of thumb.  I plan on bringing my three kids, painting their faces like mega fan and giving them each a black eye to match some of the roller girls.

Tickets are $14 each for adults and $8 for kids.  We are going to have sign ups at the gym and you can pay for the tickets there then Emily will collect the money then bring in the tickets next week.  Sign up this week so Emily can have all the money and people to pick up tickets on saturday.  Doing this will avoid any ticket master fees and help us get an idea of how many people are going.

Let's have fun, support Loco Chanel and watch her drop some bombs on people :-)


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